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Vision Screening Services

We are assisting The India Sight Screeners Foundation on their efforts to do Comprehensive Vision screening of the employees of corporate sector, among others.

The Indian Association of Occupational Health has recommended Comprehensive Vision Screening as one of the requirements of the pre employment medical check up.   Consequently many Organisations have exercised the option of purchasing the Titmus Comprehensive Vision Screeners for their Occupational Health Centres and doing the Screening themselves year after year.  They do the screening at regular intervals.

However there are very many organisations who want to have Comprehensive vision screening done for their employees, who do not want to buy the Vision Screener.  They fall in to the following categories

  1. Their employee strength is such that it is not economical for them to buy he vision screener
  2. Or they want to concentrate on their core business and want to give the responsibility of vision screening to a third party.
  3. Or they have multiple manufacturing or service facilities  located in various  parts  of India, the employee number in each location does not justify the purchase of the vision screener at each location

To help with these organisation requirements Optisurgicare and ISSF have joined hands to bring vision screening to the customer’s facility

The charges for the screening at a designated site will be only Rs. 100/- per person plus associated travel costs for a minimum of 32 persons each day.  For further information and for booking a date for screening, please contact either the HO at Optisurgicare (India) Private Limited, 7, New Prashant Park, Nr. Vastrapur Railway Crossing, Vejalpur, Ahmedabad - 380051, Gujarat, INDIA or Mr. Muralidharan at girimura@gmail.com or + 91 99400 73099


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