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Vision Screener


The name Titmus has been synonymous with quality vision screening for over 45 years - ever since setting the industry standard with the original Titmus Vision Screener. The Titmus Vision Screener measures important functions of vision with unprecedented ease, speed and accuracy. It measures Acuity (both far and near), Hyperopia, Binocularity, Muscle Balance, Colour Perception, Depth Perception and, with the accompanying accessories, intermediate and Peripheral Vision. The standard wall chart, which measures only distance vision, is simply inadequate.

Technical Superiority from Titmus

A micro-digital remote control unit, featuring state-of-the-art membrane switches, puts complete command of all test operations at the fingertips. The control unit is connected to the instrument by a 3 foot coiled cable, providing the screener with location flexibility.

A unique Photo Electric Sensor promotes correct head positioning. Test slides automatically illuminate when the head is properly positioned.

The test slides are of superior design. Highest quality photographic film sealed between two pieces of optical quality glass provides the maximum resolution and contrast. The special opal glass diffuses the illumination and provides for an even, colour-free transmission. Night-time conditions can be simulated by reducing illumination.

The Benefits of Computer Designed Optics

The Titmus 2a Vision Screener is the product of advances in computer designed optics. Separate optical channels arc arranged for true stereopsis. Larger entrance lenses enable all patients to be easily tested. And viewing distances are accurately simulated. Far vision imaging lenses simulate a 20' distance and achromatic prism lenses enable the patient to comfortably converge to the 14" reading distance

In addition, a built-in fiber optics perimeter system provides totally accurate and discrete horizontal peripheral testing,

Convenience Features Make Screening Easy

Because of its extremely compact and light-weight design, the Titmus 2a Vision Screener can be used virtually anywhere. Patients of all ages and statures can be easily screened because of the unit's balanced height adjustment. The Vision Screener's face mask, in addition to eliminating outside light, is designed to accommodate all sizes and types of eyeglasses.

Visual Function Aberrations Observed Included

  • Binocularity - double vision - diplopia

  • Lazy Eye Syndrome - amblyopia

  • Visual Acuity - near sightedness of one or both eyes - myopia.

  • Visual Acuity - far sightedness of one or both eyes - presbyopia.

  • Colour Perception - colour blindness - deuteranopia.

  • Depth Perception - 3-D perception ability - stereopsis.

  • Muscle Imbalance - misalignment of eyes - vertical phoria.

  • Muscle Imbalance - misalignment of eyes - horizontal phoria.

  • Peripheral Vision - reduction ot field of vision - suspicion of Glaucoma.
  • Major advantages of the Tltmus Vision Screener are

  • 1 year warranty on parts and labor

  • UL, CSA and CE approved

  • Portable, lightweight instrument 5 kg in weight

  • Compact - oocupies only 1.25 square ft. of space
  • Comprehensive Vision Screening Slides in Titmus 2a & Titmus 2C-VT3 Models

    Test No-1 SF-1 - Binocularity Both Eyes :To determine whether both eyes are being used together. May also indicate possibility of existing Amblyopia loss of vision without any apparent cause and Diplopia Double Vision   Test No. 2,TNO-B, Both Eyes :A series of Landolt Rings provides a precise measure of acuity with literates and illiterates in visual acuity steps of 20/200 to 20/10 in 12 different levels, viz.. 20/200. 20/150, 20/100, 20/85. 20/70. 20/50. 20/40. 20/30, 20/25. 20/20, 20/15 and 20/10
    Test No. 3, TNO-R, Right Eye : Same as Both Eyes except Landolt Ring symbols are omitted from left eye area. Permits measuring the habitual function at the Right Eye while both eyes look at the slide.   Test No. 4, TNO-L, Left Lye : Same as Both Eyes except Landolt Ring symbols are omitted from right eye area. Permits measuring the habitual functioning at the Left Eye while both eyes look at the slide.
    Test No SSD1 Stereo Depth :is a precise measure of one of the important factors of depth perception. The reliability of test results is high. It provides an excellent measure of binocular skill.   Test No.6, SCD-1 Color Perception :Consists of six accurately and authentically reproduced Ishihara Pseudo-Jsochromatic plates. Detects color deficiency but does not classify.
    Test No.7, SVP-1 Vertical Phoria: Measures vertical balance between the two eyes.
    Good vertical alignment is an important factor in comfortable, efficient, two-eyed vision and is related
    to efficiency in most occupations.
      Test No.8, SLP-1 - Lateral Phoria :Desirable Phoria scores are associated with quick,
    accurate eye fixations and precise, effortless seeing.
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