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Stereo Optical's
Teller Acuity CardsTM II

Vision testing for infants and non-verbal patients Using preferential looking

Features include:

  1. NEW glare-free laminated test cards for increased durability
  2. NEW digitally printed test cards for increased testing accuracy
  3. Scientifically established norms
  4. May Be Easy administration by Technician
  5. 17 Cards measuring grating acuities 20/20 to 20/3200 (10 in x 22 in)
  6. Instruction manual with normative data included
  7. CPT Reimbursement Codes are Availble

Teller Acuity Cards II is a trademark of the University of Washington manufactured under license agreement with Stereo Optical Company,Inc
Optec, F.A.C.T. & C.A.T are registered trademarks of Stereo Optical Company, Inc. Functional Contrast Vision Test (F.A.C.T.) developed by Arthur P. Ginsburg, Ph.D. EyeView is a registered trademark of VIsion Sciences Research Corp. (US patent #5,552,842) Licensed under US Patent #4, 365, 873 & 5,414,479 & 5, 500, 699 by Vision Sciences Research Corp. Self-Calibrating Vision Test Apparatus, US Pat 5,078,486 VectorVision, Inc. The Holladay Contrast Test (C.A.T.) developed with Jack T. HOlladay, MD, FACS

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