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Stereo Optical's Optec 6500
Contrast Sensitivity and Glare Tester

Day/Night Vision Testing With/Without GLare

Contrast Sensitivity / Functional Vision / Quality of Vision

The Optec 6500 controls both target illumination and glare luminance levels for accurate and repeatable testing results

Features include:

New, unsurpassed homogenous illumination

Background Luminance Complies with International Standards

All Light Levels Microprocessor Controlled and Continually Calibrated

Binocular Glare Testing

Target lllumination comes standard with 3.0 cd/m2for night testing, and 85 cd/m2 for day testing, or may be customized*
to specific needs with a value range of 1.0 cd/m2 to 125 cd/m2

Glare luminance at distance comes standard with 1 Lux for nightglare testing and 10 Lux for dayglare testing, or may be customized* to specific needs with a value range of 1 Lux to
50 Lux

Contrast sensitivity test to evaluate the patient's overall functional vision. Choose from either Sine Wave (F.A.C.T.) or Letter (C.A.T.)

Potential acuity for a quick assessment of macular function

Select a standard test package, or customize* to specific testing neends by choosing up to 12 slides from the library of over 150 testing slides

*Note: Customized target illumination, glare levels & test packages must be determined upon order placement

The Optec6500 Vision Tester includes:Peripheral test, remote control, F.A.C.Tslide package, EyeViewFunctional Vision Analysis Software and accessory kit*

*Accessory kit includes: dust cover, pointer, lens cleaner, headrest tissues, recording forms, and instruction manual.

Optec, F.A.C.T. & C.A.T are registered trademarks of Stereo Optical Company, Inc. Functional Contrast Vision Test (F.A.C.T.) developed by Arthur P. Ginsburg, Ph.D. EyeView is a registered trademark of VIsion Sciences Research Corp. (US patent #5,552,842) Licensed under US Patent #4, 365, 873 & 5,414,479 & 5, 500, 699 by Vision Sciences Research Corp. Self-Calibrating Vision Test Apparatus, US Pat 5,078,486 VectorVision, Inc. The Holladay Contrast Test (C.A.T.) developed with Jack T. HOlladay, MD, FACS

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