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Stereo Optical's FACT 301
Function Acuity Contrast Test

Features include:

Equal logarithmic contrast steps for all 5 spatial frequencies

Tapered gratings into the gray background eliminating
false gratings and maintaining constant retinal light levels

Increase in the number of grating cycles for a broader range of patient testing

3 true alternative forced choice testing with no blank options

No edge artifacts for increased testing accuracy

Optional EyeView software is availablex

Contrast Sensitivity is recognized as a valuable tool for merasuring functional vision loss caused by early eye disease.

Near F.A.C.T. Test 101: Size 5" x 7"(12.7 x 17.8 cm) can be hand-held or mounted an a refractor

Distance F.A.C.T. Test 201: Size 27" x 37" (68.58 x 93.98) can be wall mounted

Optec, F.A.C.T. & C.A.T are registered trademarks of Stereo Optical Company, Inc. Functional Contrast Vision Test (F.A.C.T.) developed by Arthur P. Ginsburg, Ph.D. EyeView is a registered trademark of VIsion Sciences Research Corp. (US patent #5,552,842) Licensed under US Patent #4, 365, 873 & 5,414,479 & 5, 500, 699 by Vision Sciences Research Corp. Self-Calibrating Vision Test Apparatus, US Pat 5,078,486 VectorVision, Inc. The Holladay Contrast Test (C.A.T.) developed with Jack T. HOlladay, MD, FACS

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