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Corneal Topographer

Diverse Applications

The new E300 Corneal Topographer has applications in a diverse range of clinical procedures including Radial Keratotomy, Astigmatic keratotomy, Refractive Surgery and Contact Lens Fitting.

Based on an unobtrusive compact cone design, the E300 analyses an accurate ring pattern projected onto the cornea via precision optics.

Practice Integration

Practice Management Integration provides the logical way to streamline your practice. With the Medmont Studio package the practitioner is now able to store perimetry, topography and digital imaging results in a format that is more easily accessible. This negates the need for multiple patient entry and improves markedly the efficiency of the practice.

Full integration with the major practice management databases is available, and the access of data over a network means that you are not confined to viewing information from the PC that is running the equipment.

Familiar User Interface

The explorer style interface allows easy navigation and review of patient results and direct access to all functionality at all times. Swap from contact lens fitting to reviewing test results or editing patient details with a single mouse click. Multiple image maps can be displayed with a wide variety of options and map types. The profile display provides an interactive view of the image data at any cross-section. 

Exceptional Corneal Coverage

Using 32 rings and over 15,000 measurement points, the E300 provides detailed topography data over a wide area of the human cornea. Coverage extends from a minimum ring diameter of 0.25mm to beyond 10mm which is ideal for detailed assessment of corneal pathologies and accurate contact lens fitting.

Automated Image Capture and Analysis

Fully automatic image capture makes patient testing simple and quick. Images are captured automatically with a simple alignment system and progressive storage of the four best images. Simply position the instrument, guided by the intuitive 3D focussing target, and the software does the rest.

Each video frame is analysed for centring, focus and movement. The best four frames are automatically captured and displayed in the image windows above - allowing the user to save the most suitable image for further analysis. The advanced analysis software corrects defocused, off-centred images and compensates for errors due to misalignment.

Multiple Display Options

Easily configurable to specific preference of the user, the E300 is able to present a wide variety of different display options, with up to four images per screen. Examples are multiple images of the same type to identify trends, a difference display and a combination map which can present four different views (eg axial power, tangential power, elevation and video image) of one examination.

Powerful Contact Lens Fitting Software

The Contact Lens fitting package is fully integrated with the rest of the software. It supports the fitting of multi-curve, toric, conic and aspheric RGP lenses. The Contact Lens database provides standard lens designs and can easily be updated independently of the software.

Automatic fitting of RGP lenses, including multiple peripheral curve and toric types is quickly and easily performed with the E300. An Expandable database of standard lens designs is included. Manual adjustment and repositioning of the lens can be performed, with the results presented on a simulated fluorescein display and a tear film clearance graph.

E300 Specifications

  • Coverage: Diameter 0.25 - 11 mm

  • Field of View: 11mm H x 11mm V

  • Power Range: 10-100 Diopters

  • Number of Rings: 32

  • Measurement Points: 15,120

  • Working Distance: 30mm

  • Repeatability: Test Object < 0.1 Diopters
  • Minimum System Requirements
    • PentiumT processor-based personal computer (P200 MHz or Higher).  Motherboard using genuine IntelT PCI chipset highly recommended.
    • MicrosoftT Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
    • VGA card supporting at least 16-bit colour
    • 1GB of available hard-disk space
    • 64 MB RAM or more
    • CD-ROM drive 
  • Width: 320mm

  • Depth: 400m
  • Power Requirements
  • 2V DC Supplied via PC

  • N2100
  • Note: These specifications are subject to change without notifications.


    E300 (12K)


    Right Viwe

    Left Viwe
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