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Visual Function Tester

The Medmont AT20R places fast and accurate visual function testing at your fingertips. Utilising standard computer hardware and operating in a PC environment with new testing and display features, the AT20R is easily integrated into a modern ophthalmic or optometric practice.

This colour screen based system performs a wide range of visual assessment tasks including multiple acuity chart display, astigmatism, duo-chrome, binocular vision tests and contrast sensitivity testing. It is also able to display ocular images for patient recognition.

Fully programmable, the wireless hand-held control unit includes an illuminated display, designed to provide full control over the operation of the system without the need to use the host PC keyboard, mouse or monitor.

AT20R operates with standard computer hardware and display monitor, and can operate simultaneously with your practice management software.

All of the AT20R functions are operated via a hand control unit with an illuminated display, providing information on the current test. The patient display is a standard SVGA or LCD colour monitor, which does not require special calibration. The images may be displayed in normal or inverse mode for use with a mirror. Normal viewing distance is 6m, but the AT20R can be scaled for different distances.

Major Functions

  • Visual acuity measurement, providing various symbols which includes children's targets (LEA symbols)
  • Capability to prevent chart memorisation
  • Unique "staircasing" method of visual acuity measurement which is able to more accurately resolve acuity threshold than the standard letter chart. In this test, a single randomized letter is progressively increased or decreased in size, according to an iStandard acuity charts (LogMAR format) with the operator recording the correct or incorrect patient response. After a sequence of presentations, a final average acuity and standard deviation is calculated
  • Multiple display formats for acuity charts (single letter, single line, etc)
  • New patient information images, with pictures depicting various ocular conditions that can be used to assist in describing a particular condition to a patient
  • New contrast sensitivity measurement capability utilising a "staircasing" contrast measurement technique. Starting with a selectable character size, the contrast of the character is progressively decreased or increased, according to the patient response. Standard letter charts can also be displayed in a low contrast level.
  • Astigmatism measurement
  • Cross cylinder targets
  • Various fixation targets, including animated targets for children
  • Duochrome targets
  • Gratings display
  • Binocular vision tests


  • High resolution colour video display
  • Wide variety of optotypes in logMAR steps
  • Duochrome, binocular vision and astigmatism tests
  • Animated fixation targets
  • Library of ocular images

AT20R MATE® (Medmont Acuity Testing Environment)

The MATE® includes: Hand-held control unit, software, BlueTooth dongle, power supply (input rating: 100-240V AC 50mA), recharging unit (output: 4.2V DC 800mA), binocular test flipper. Specifications subject to change without notice. Monitor and PC not included. Copyright©Medmont February 2004.




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